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On this website you will find that our goal is different from most fishing websites. Our goal is to provide the best information on inshore and offshore fishing. Our website will feature frequently updated posts with the latest tips and relevant news.

You will also be able to view high quality videos that show us catching fish and in-depth instructional videos so that you can catch them on your next trip. Team Redneb’s view on fishing is simple. Each time we go out to fish, our goal is to learn more about the sport, safely create and share experiences with fellow anglers, and support the protection of this delicate resource for future generations.

Team Redneb is made up of Berry Bender and Captain Scott Wood. Berry Bender and Scott Wood have been fishing and hunting together for over 5 years now and have learned a lot from each other. The combination of varied experiences and expertise contributes to Team Redneb’s unique composition.